Terms of Use

The data and information available through data.open.guelph.ca are available under terms described in the “licence” or "constraints" field of individual dataset records (meta-data). Except where otherwise noted this is the Open Government Licence.

All dataset records (meta-data) published on [data.open.guelph.ca]() are licensed under the Open Government Licence.

Information you submit

We want the information on this site to be open and as easy to re-use as possible. When you submit information to this site we will work on the basis, unless you clearly state otherwise alongside your work, that you are granting the City of Guelph a non-exclusive, irrevocable right to use and pass on all public information that you submit (for example descriptions of your ideas and screenshots of your apps) as well as the right to allow the re-use of that information. This is so that we can place the contents of this site under the same permissive licence terms as above. Your ideas and applications remain your own.

The accuracy of information from any third party sites published on data.open.guelph.ca is the responsibility of those sites.

Traffic limits

Automatic requesting of the web content is subject to the rules in [http://data.open.guelph.ca/robots.txt](). To maintain a good service for all, API users must ensure that a request is not sent until a response is received for the previous one (i.e. no concurrency), up to a maximum of 5 requests per second. We reserve the right to block users that go outside of these limits.