Tree Inventory - GeoJSON file


GIS Point features representing individual trees in street corridors, trees within parks, and on City owned properties. Note that this data is continuously being updated.

Metadata description *Caution - Large File

  • SPECIES: Tree species by common name. Unknown indicates Species has yet to be determined.

  • DBH: Diameter of tree at Breast Height (1.3 metres). A value of 999 indicates Diameter has yet to be determined.

  • HEALTH: General health condition of tree at last assessment. Unknown indicates Health has yet to be evaluated.

  • OWNER: The owner of the tree based on the location to property line. Values are either City for City owned, Private for non-City owned, Boundary for trees on the property line, and Unknown meaning the ownership has yet to be determined.

  • ADDRESS: Municipal addresss of the closest property to the tree.

  • COMMENTS: General comments regarding the tree.

  • HTCLASS: Height of the tree recorded in 5 metre classes. All values have not been measured and the data will be updated as changes are made.

  • OH_UTIL: Yes or No value to indicate whether potential Over Head Utility conflicts exist. All values have not been determined and the data will be updated as changes are made.


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Additional Information

Field Value
Last updated July 13, 2018
Created December 13, 2016
Format GeoJSON
License Guelph Open Data License